Tim McClure

Tim McClure represents the fourth generation of a family, members of which have figured prominently in the stained glass craft in the United States for nearly a century. He is a native of Dallas, Texas, where he currently lives and works. His range of artistic pursuits includes, as well as stained glass, painting, drawing, etching, mural painting, and a life long study of art history. His artistry has been noted for its evocation of mood, subtlety, broad visual vocabulary and variety of technical means. Examples of his glass work as well as the glass work of other members of his family, in a wide range of scale, style and theme, can be seen in prominent, historically important and architecturally significant liturgical and secular settings around the United States, predominantly in the Southwest.

This site presents an overview of Tim McClure's capabilities as a designer and painter of stained glass. His range of styles and techniques provides the flexibility to design for any architectural setting. Collaboration with committees and other design professionals is encouraged for the synergy that often occurs with those collaborations. For further information and consultation, you are invited to contact Tim McClure Stained Glass Design via the contact page on this site.